We take care of all your needs at the airport side and out of it

We can arrange Hotel Accommodation, Transport, Catering and Security, you name it…


Hotel Accommodation

Partnering with the leading hotels in the region, AvioAlb will arrange all booking and requests for your hotel needs. We carefully choose hotels that offer unsurpassed quality, trusted service and short distance from the airport.
AvioAlb believes in ensuring its clients always get value for money.
AvioALb always has exclusive access to the best rates for crew and passengers.


AvioAlb will arrange all ground transportation for our clients. No car or vehicle is unavailable. Luxury cars, limousines or armored cars are our client’s disposal. Coupled with drivers who have mastered routes and who respect our client’s privacy and requests, the trip on ground can be almost as enjoyable as the one in the air.


The same AvioAlb excellence is applied to obtaining the best international cuisine for clients according to their individual preference and taste. We can source food and refreshments from airports or off-airport caterers. Our staff will see to all your catering needs regardless of the dietary or religious requirements.


At AvioAlb your security and safety comes first. We are the preferred flight support service provider for many VIPs and government officials and we take the utmost care in protecting our guests. Naturally we operate a policy of strict confidentiality.