AVIOALB is an independent company performing station management and handling supervision on behalf of airlines operating at Tirana International Airport (TIA).

People who have worked in the airline and travel industry for many years have founded the company, december 2014.

All handling supervisors of AvioAlb are well trained and highly experienced in the fields of supervision of passenger handling, cargo- and mail handling, baggage handling, operational handling, handling of catering, ramp handling, irregularity handling in case of delays or cancellations of flights as well as in pre- and post flight administration.

As most of our staff has worked as station managers in previous positions, AvioAlb guarantees an airline-minded attitude of its supervisors, whereby defending interests of the airlines for which supervision is performed, always prevails.

The handling supervisors of AvioAlb are all in possession of the required TIA passes and the necessary security and apron authorization.

The company has it's residence at Tirana International Airport and is registered under Albanian law.